Why I became a Lash Artist: Cameryn Love

So I've been getting a lot of people asking me why I became a lash artist to begin with and honestly for a while I didn't really know, but now I do and I'm ready to share the deets. I have been doing individual lash application for roughly 2 years now. I would be the go to person for my friends if you needed some individual lashes on and they were so easy to do I didn't really think anything of it until a friend of mine was like "Cam why not become a lash artist?" and at first I was skeptical because I didn't think I'd get a lot of support from my peers. Since I've started this journey I've absolutely loved every moment of it and not to say that it doesn't have its disadvantages, but from what I've seen is that I'm absolutely falling in love with my business and my craft and I'm focused on watching it grow from nothing into something.

Even though I have just launched my business, I've had some rocky moments already. I've had people who I called friends that I asked to support me who turned the other way when I needed them to repost something for me or just be a model for me for FREE. It's been a real eye opener because it's really allowed me to see who is really willing to support me and who isn't. My mom always told me that people won't always support something positive first, they'd rather support something negative and since I've started this business I've had a chance to see exactly what she has been meaning all these years.

Now to the ugly truth behind why I became a lash artist. I felt so empty honestly. I felt like I was just a robot constantly going from school to work and back. I didn't have any outlet that I could pour into and truly make mine; so when I found Jae Imani it was like a dream come true. I signed up for her class, I got certified and I hit the ground running. I wasn't worried about other lash artists in the industry because I knew what I was capable of and what I can bring to the industry. I got to thinking, what will set me out from the rest? Which brought me the idea of offering aftercare kits to all of my clients because I genuinely care about the health and growth of my clients lashes. How are you supposed to keep up with your lashes if you aren't given any instruction on how to take care of them? What sets me apart from the rest is that I start you off on the right path, with this grand opening sale you are getting everything you will need to keep your lashes up for the next 6 months! I invested in aftercare because essentially I'm investing in my clients, just as they are investing in me. So to sum everything up into why I became a lash tech, it's because I saw a need in my area for a lash artist who genuinely cares about her clients. I'm not bashing any other lash techs in my area, again im just emphasizing what sets me apart from the rest. If you invest in me, you are investing in brand that will continue to grow; and a brand that genuinely cares about you.

Lastly, I built this brand because it's something I truly believe in. It's something that I want to watch grow and succeed. I launched this blog because I wanted my clients, friends, family or even strangers to know I am just a regular college student who stumbled upon a craft that she turned into a business.

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