Beginners Classic Lash Extension Training 

Ready to start your lash career? This is the class for you! This class is designed to teach you everything you need to know about the lash industry. We'll cover eye shapes, sanitation, eye health, lash design, isolation, placement, lash layering, hand posture and much more! This class will prepare you for volume lashing; the technique that you learn will help you to learn volume lashing with ease. Lunch and snacks are included, students are asked to bring a model to practice on.  Class includes training kit, hands on practice, certificate of completion, facial bed and ring light 

Training Kit; Classic lash trays, eyelash adhesive, remover, breathable tape, hydrogel pads, tweezers, lash bath brushes, three speed fan, glue rings, mascara wands, nanomister, microswabs, LED lash light, training booklet, facial bed, ring light and certificate upon completion, 1 free refresher course.

Class Price: $850.00

Class Deposit: $250

Questions? Please call us @ (980) 330-2256

Beginners Volume Lash Extension Training 

Already a lash tech and ready to learn the latest techniques? This class is for you! Designed for lash artists that have already mastered the art of classic lashing, this class brings you into VOLUME! This is a 7.5 hour class that focuses on volume theory deisgn and placement. Learn to make beautiful fans by hand and receive and learn about the best lash supply products on the market! You'll receive the best adhesive, lashes and tweezers to allow you to perform volume lashing with ease. Class includes live model practice, hand selected lash kit and certificate. Please note: we will use normal volume lashes, easy fan and pre-made lash fans. 


Includes volume tweezer set, facial bed, refresher course included training manual, certificate upon completion. Ideal for lash techs who are very comfortable performing classic lashes. Not suggested for beginner lash techs since we will NOT cover the foundations of lash extensions. 

Class Price: $950.00

Class Deposit: $250.00




Questions? Please call us @ (980)-330-2256

Refresher Courses

Have you already taken a classic or volume class, but you don't think you got everything you need?Well! This class is for you! This class is focused on building your class a la carte based on your areas of weakness and concepts that you're not yet comfortable with. This course offered at 225/hr for Classic training and 225/ hr for Volume training with a minimum booking of 2 hours. $100 deposit is required to book this course, payment does go towards total balance. This course includes a small lash supply kit. You will also have materials to use in class. Refresher courses are available every Sunday. Live model practice is offered with a booking of 3 hours or more. 

Class Price: $225 per hour with a minimum booking of 2 hours. Minimum class price is $450.00.

Class Deposit: $100.00

Questions? Please call us at (980)-330-2256

Brow Tinting 

Learn the art of brow tinting. In this course we cover brow shaping, brow colors, brow outline and more! Includes Candy Brow Bar Browaholic box, cotton rounds, cotton swabs, paper towels, angled brow brush, glass brow containers, mascara wands, certificate upon completion. 

Price: $350.00

Class Deposit: 100.00

Questions? Please call us at (980)-330-2256

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